Royall Acclaim: A Heartfelt Letter for a Brother and True Gentleman

all press Wed, Jul 05, 17

We at Royall Lyme love hearing from our customers—on Facebook, through Twitter and via email. On our Royall Rugby page, we invite customers to nominate a rugby player, coach or administrator who deserves Royal Acclaim for demonstrating the qualities of a true Royall gentleman.

We were delighted this week to get a letter from Emily Wilson, honoring her brother, James Renwick ("Ren") Wilson. Here is Emily’s letter in full.

Subject: A True Rugby Gentleman

To Whom It May Concern,

After purchasing several Royall Rugby products for my brother, Ren, I dug a little deeper to find out more about Royall Rugby. I came across the small section on your website welcoming anyone to boast on behalf of a true Rugby gentleman they know and love. I would like to bring some well deserved attention to my little brother. 

His birthday is coming up on June 27th, and I would love to show him that his unfailing sportsmanship and dedication will not go unnoticed. James Renwick Wilson, or "Ren", plays wing for South Greenville Rugby Football Club in Greenville, South Carolina. Having been homeschooled his whole life, getting into a sport was not the easiest feat. About a year ago, he chose Rugby. Several of his cousins played in the same club and seemed to enjoy the sport very much. 

Ren worked hard and raised all the money he needed to be able to play. He learned the sport quickly and his team soon recognized the value of this skinny, quiet freshman. Within weeks of training and several scrimmages later, Ren was named "the fastest guy on the team." He is unbelievably quick for being shorter and smaller than most of his teammates. 

Ren is well-tempered and kind to his opponents - even when his team is pouting, he makes friends with the "enemy." His opponents could never make a loser out of him. After every loss, he is ready to get back out and play again. 

Ren is extremely dedicated and truly loves Rugby with all his being. At this time, Ren is working extremely hard to finish high school strong and move on to play Rugby for a university. 

All homeschoolers know that excelling in sports is very difficult to do. Homeschoolers often go unnoticed and unappreciated. I am contacting you in hopes that someone would tip their hat in his direction; that someone will say "keep going, you're on the right track." 

I know as long as my brother is encouraged to keep working hard, that he will be an amazing rugby player throughout his life. I want so badly to see him make it to his goal and finally realize how all the hard work and all the training will pay off. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I appreciate anything you can do to encourage my brother! I am looking forward to giving him his Royall Rugby cologne on his birthday. 

Best wishes, 
Emily Wilson

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