Celebrated UK Barbershop Offers the Royall Treatment

all press Wed, Jul 05, 17

You’ve never had as much fun at your barber as they do in Barbertown. Drinks, live music, rugby on the telly… the classic old-school British barbershop experience awaits at this well-appointed space in Worcestershire, England. 

“Barbertown prides itself on being a traditional barbershop offering a high quality service in cuts and shaves. Our focus is all about maintaining standards in our trade and providing our customers with a unique and enjoyable experience,” proprietor Jon Bourne says. 

Barbertown’s motto is “stay sharp,” and the true Barbertown man is not complete without Royall Lyme products, used and displayed prominently in the store. 

The Royall Lyme Difference

“The Royall Lyme range adds another dimension, another [element] of class to our service,” Bourne says. “A complimentary squirt of their favorite Royall scent finishes off the whole experience. Even some of our younger customers opt for a spray of Royall rather than the traditional complimentary lolly which shows how charming and appealing these fragrances are.”

What does the style of a Royall man and the style of a Barbertown man have in common?

“Barbertown and Royall gentlemen are gentlemen who don't follow the crowd and opt for the 'norm,'" he says. “He's a man who knows his own mind and style he is looking to achieve. He is a man of quality, chivalrous and well mannered.

“In barbering there is a phrase, 'Cheap haircuts aren't good and good haircuts aren't cheap.' This phrase could apply to Royall Lyme... its all about quality!”  

If you find yourself in Worcester, UK, visit one of the two Barbertown locations on The Tything or St. Johns—or visit them at their brand-new parlor in nearby Malvern—for a great cut, shave, and the Royall treatment!