16 Jun

Royall Partnership: LineoutCoach

Posted by dev-ryl Admin

LineoutCoach was founded by Gavin Hickie, the former professional player turned rugby coach. Having played hooker at the top level he felt there was a need for advice on throwing technique and the other factors involved in this specialist front row position. His straightforward approach to coaching proved popular and the site grew quickly to include guidance on other aspects of the game including breakdowns of key plays, video analysis, and match reports—all aimed at nurturing great rugby skills.

"I created LineoutCoach.com to primarily help players and coaches reach their rugby potential. You can find player and coach interviews on the website, set piece tips and, of course, lineout throwing expertise. I offer advice on all things Rugby to help you improve your game. With monthly sports nutrition advice, competitions, lineout throwing video guides being added, LineoutCoach provides everything anyone involved in rugby could need to develop their game." —Gavin Hickie