Royall Lyme Occupies Special Place in Jonah's Belly

all press Wed, Jul 05, 17

Jonah's Belly, the first novel from Royall Lyme fan Anthony Wittwer, is getting attention in the press—and so is Royall Lyme. An article this week in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel about the novel highlights the Royall Lyme story and links to our website and Facebook page

Why all the attention to Royall Lyme? The book, described by its editor as a “nifty, Stephen-Kingish epic of modern mythology,” features Royall Lyme cologne as a story element.

Wittwer did a book signing yesterday at Fort Wayne business Christopher James Menswear, which, not coincidentally, sells Royall Lyme products.

Wittwer reports he’s already received a request from another publication for an interview/book review. “During that interview, too, I will, of course, make certain to include the Royall Lyme story connection.”

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