Royall Fragrances are "Primer Approved"

all press Wed, Jul 05, 17
If you’ve been searching for a new cologne that won’t make you smell like a teenager OR an old man you’ll be more than happy with one of the scents from the 53 year old, American-made heritage brand Royall Lyme Bermuda.

Lyme: A solid masculine scent. Imagine if a pine tree grew limes and you poured cinnamon all over it.
Muske: Royall’s take on the quintessential man scent. I personally love this one.
Vetiver: A crisp combination of citrus and spices, less sweet than the Lyme. This scent is great for going out in the evening. Imagine a dark bar from 30’s Hollywood filled with wood and leather booths.
Mandarin: A clean, inviting orange scent. My girlfriend’s favorite of the bunch.
Spyce: I’ve been using this one as a daily wear. Imagine spices like anise and cinnamon.
Bay Rhum: The paradigm summer scent. A combination of Bayleaf and menthol, it’s a sweet smell perfect for a sunny day outside.

-Andrew Snavely, Founder and editor of Primer.