16 Jun

Jewel in the atlantic

Posted by dev-ryl Admin

Bermuda has been called a “jewel in the Atlantic”, its elliptical island chain has been repeatedly referred to as a “string of pearls.” So, yes it is a treasure, but why? Because it is a semi-tropical paradise where there is romance, adventure, history, culture, civility, excitement, an Anglo-African heritage, not to mention pristine beaches, pink sand, turquoise seas, iridescent lagoons, verdant landscapes, candy-colored homes, breath-taking sunrises, fabulous sunsets, and brilliant, aromatic flora. No wonder Mark Twain wrote, “You go to heaven if you want-I’d rather go to Bermuda.” So many more have followed, from Eleanor Roosevelt and Eugene O’Neill to Michael Douglas and David Bowie. Fifty years ago Mr. Anthony Gaade, founder and first president of The Royall Family of Fragrances felt the need to capture the essence and spirit of Bermuda in a fragrance line of aromatic products to share with the island and the rest of the world.